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Feel of the les beiges Chanel foundation Review

So i've put myself on a beauty spending ban. This might seem easy but for a beauty addict like myself it is proving very hard! I have decided to try and use up my existing products before buying things I don't actually NEED. So far I have managed a week without spending which is quite an achievement for me! But this doesn't stop me from window shopping and I have created a wishlist of things I would love to treat myself to when I feel that  I have managed to save up some money and won't feel so guilty about!

Here is my beauty wishlist for this Spring:

1. Makeupforever HD foundation - Guru makeup/PAM approx £30

Makeupforever HD foundation
I have been desperate to try this for many years but because it is only available in select stores in the UK I haven't had the chance to find my perfect colour and am too nervous ordering a shade online without seeing it first. I think I may be #127 which is a yellow medium tone but am keen to go to the makeup shops in Fulham/Shepherds Bush which stock it. I love the idea of a flawless HD base and the reviews I have seen are great. I love a smooth finish that still retains a fairly natural look so will definitely be buying some this year.

2. By Terry Rose de Rose sheer liquid blush - Space NK £40

By Terry Rose de Rose sheer liquid blush

I literally fell in love with this liquid blush the moment I tried it but its hefty price tag has always stopped me purchasing it. I first tried it years ago on a make up course and the texture, smell and finish are stunning. The rose smell and light feel make it feel instantly luxurious. It has a luminous satin finish which instantly gives radiance to the skin. I love the pink shade for a winter glow and the coral/bronze tone for summer so I will definitely be investing in at least one colour this year.

3. Chanel les beiges retractable kabuki brush - House of Fraser £33

Chanel les beiges retractable kabuki brush

The new Chanel Les Beiges powders are stunning (can be used as powder, foundation or bronzer) and the most exciting launch for me is the brush that comes with them! The retractable kabuki is perfect for travel and the bristles are incredibly soft. I had a look and feel of the brush last week and could not believe how luxurious it was! It is not cheap but the feel of the brush hairs, the handy size and the beautiful packaging make this a must have for me! I am a total brush addict and currently own nothing like this so I am very excited about purchasing this.

4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders - Space NK $45

Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders

These powders will be launching in Space NK UK this week and I am so excited about them! Goss makeupartist recently did a review on his channel and the way the product sat on his skin and improved luminosity assured me that I would need to invest in them. I have been keen to try something from this brand especially the skin products and brushes because the quality looks fantastic and it is exclusive to only a few places in the UK including Space NK and Liberty London. The powder comes in a variety of shades including Radiant Light a golden beige colour which looks perfect for Summer and Luminous Light a gorgeous champagne pearl tone. The powders are created to refine the appearance of the complexion and produce multi dimensional luminescence on the face - perfection!

5. Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate serum - £35

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate serum

This night treatment claims to improve radiance and the effects of ageing. I love night products because I wear so much makeup in the day for work that it is truly the only time that I can treat my skin. I usually use my regular moisturiser at night so I would love to invest in something more luxurious for the evening. It contains essential oils and 99.8% naturally derived ingredients. It is recommended to use 1-2 drops per night so despite the price tag I think this would be a worthwhile investment and many of the reviews have claimed that the skin looks instantly improved in the morning!

What is on your beauty wish list? Have you tried any of mine?


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