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Skincare line: Fresh Visage Please

It's been a tough year for most of the people I know. In many ways. I'm not immune to it; I've had a bit of a wild ride so far this year. That, paired with a glance at iCal and a milestone birthday just down the road, and I decided to take some action. As a creator of a skincare line, I know there's only so much a bottle of product can do. For preventative as well as immediate results, you need to see a dermatologist. And so I did. I wanted to check in with my skin and re-assess my routine looking for things that should be done differently as I age. Mostly, though, I wanted to look fresher and less tired with less makeup. Two hours later, after a microdermabrasion session and 14 some odd little Botox pokes and I have achieved just that.

Botox treatment micro

I wanted a confidence booster and a fresher look and am happy to report that it worked wonders. The microdermabrasion technician used a wand with a light, sandpapery tip that simultaneously scrubbed and sucked up the debris. Didn't hurt at all and my skin was instantly vibrant. The Botox was to stave off the vertical lines between my eyes and subdue my forehead lines back to what they were like when I was in my 20s. Dr. Ruggero from Marianna's in Boulder was a Botox artist. After taking an extended amount of time to assess my health and needs we agreed on a light treatment that only needs to be done 1-2x/year.


I love the results in both outward appearance of smoother, more even skin and in myself--feeling some extra confidence everywhere I go.


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